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I am a classically trained photographer from the film era of photography and a convert to Digital. I am a professionally school trained photographer looking to give people a wonderful experience and expand my skills. I continually strive to learn and build my network of working professionals. I am a Graduate of The New York Institute of Photography. I have been practicing photography since 1992 as a hobby and professionally since 2012. As a professional I have been tested and certified in my craft. I am a  North Carolina based photographer in Charlotte  North Carolina, an easy going individual that is open to ideas and willing to try them. If you want off the beaten path, I am willing to hike, bike, crawl, climb, fly, and get dirty in the name of a great shot! I am primarily a portrait photographer, with a flair for fashion and glamour style of photography. If your looking for photos with some edge appeal you've come to the right place, feel free to look around.